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In The North Georgia Mountains

Currently located in Norcross, Georgia, PC MAX is opening a branch in the Mineral Bluff area of Fannin County.

With over 25 years of experience in the computer business and speaking with computer users in Fannin County, we feel we have a lot to offer Business owners in the area.

Computer users in the North Georgia Mountains are no different from computer users anywhere else. You are exposed to the very same problems, and everyone just wants to get their work done. The question is whether you want to get the most productivity from your investment, or not. (Some are more concerned about computer problems than others).

From conversations we have had with business owners in Fannin County many problems with computers are ongoing. In other words, rather than truly fixing problems and determining how and why it happened, to prevent it from happening again, (and again), many of the support people in the area, for one reason or another, seem to be unwilling or unable to make the extra effort. We can think of several reasons why, but none make good business sense. Computers are our full time avocation, hobby and business. We know what works well and what doesn't. We also know the root causes of most computer problems. We care enough to take the time to explain it to our customers and suggest cost effective and frequently free solutions and preventive measures.

In the past, PC MAX has been very aggressive in solving the sometimes hard to solve problems even to the extent that other computer resellers call on us for help when their support staff runs into a wall on a problem.

Over the years we have invested thousands of dollars in diagnostic software and hardware to assist us when our intuition has failed, but our vast experience working with businesses from one to hundreds of employees and from the very simple to the very complex, has enabled us to keep our business customers running smoothly. We currently support over 100 customers with several hundred computers but they all operate well enough that it affords us the time to be very responsive to the inevitable hardware and software problems that "just" happen, sometimes for no apparent reason.

Our challenge is to provide our customers with a level of computer support that doesn't require them to call us more than once or twice a year. It can be done, even for customers with 15 or more employees. The solutions are simple but often not well known to some, even people in the computer business. Our best customers are the ones who's systems run like a well oiled clock.

Included in this site are many pages with information that is important for business owners to know. We also have some tips, tricks and information helpful to home computer users. We specialize in business systems so we don't deal with the general public, however, the employees of our business customers are an exception.

This site is compatible with any browser at any resolution (and that's the way every WEB site should be).

Fully licensed and insured!

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